How to Properly Clean Your Pool

How to Properly Clean Your Pool

Cleaning the pool is every owner’s responsibility. Sure there are a lot of service providers that can do this task for you, but you still have to see to it that your pool is getting regular adequate maintenance in order to ensure the safe and healthy swimming of your family.

Pool skimming should be done regularly as doing so prevents debris from sinking to the bottom of the pool. When dirt sinks, it becomes more difficult to remove. As such, regular skimming makes pool vacuuming a whole lot easier. Of course, to further clean your pools, you should also do some brushing.

How to Brush the Pool

Brushing the pool is easier with the use of a telescopic pole. Simply attach a pool brush to its end and proceed to scrub the walls and floor of the pool, carefully removing dirt and algae in the process. Be sure to use the kind of brush that is specifically designed for the type of material used for the walls and floor of the pool.

If your pool has unpainted concrete, a brush with stainless steel and nylon bristles is highly recommended. For granite pools, just use the one with stainless steel bristles. For vinyl, fiberglass, and painted concrete pool, cleaning should be done use brushes with nylon bristles only.

How Often Should You Brush Your Pool?

Ideally, pools should be brushed at least twice a week. Be sure to brush everything, including the ladders and all the corners of the pool, in addition to the floors and walls. Use brushes of different sizes to reach every nook and cranny possible. It’s important to brush away all lurking algae because they’re the ones that usually cause major problems with the pool. Once the algae are pushed out of the walls, they become a lot easier to eliminate because the chlorine and other sanitizers present in the water will also help.

However, if your pool has already developed serious algae problems, then no amount of brushing will make the situation better. You’ll need to do more drastic steps to get rid of them and it’s highly recommended that you seek the help of professionals. Seek the most reputable pool service providers near you to help you get rid of algae right away.

How to Vacuum the Pool

Aside from regular pool brushing, you also have to do frequent pool vacuuming. Again, you’ll need the good old reliable telescopic pole to get this task done. So instead of attaching a brush, you’ll place the vacuum head instead, as well as a vacuum hose that’s long enough to reach every area of the pool. You may also need a skim vac or a vacuum plate.

Manual pool vacuuming should be done every other day. Pool vacuuming makes sure that the floor of your pool is clean and tidy. But do note that this can be a labor-intensive task, especially if you’re doing it after a big thunderstorm. To make the job easier, a lot of pool owners invest in a robotic vacuum to make pool cleaning so much easier.

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